Where did Slot machines Come From?

In the UK, Slot games have become increasingly popular of late – but people forget they have actually been around for quite some time!  The very first slot game was invented way back in 1895 by Charles Fey who happened to be a car mechanic.  It was named the Liberty Bell, and had 3 spinning reels.  The symbols were diamonds, spades and hearts as well as a cracked liberty bell itself. 

The biggest payout on this slot game was getting 3 liberty bell symbols in a row and awarded a player 50 cents.  Believe it or not, you can still find this slot in the “Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant” in Nevada. Charles Fey went on to create games such as Three Spinde, Draw Power and Klondike. 

How things Progressed

Charle's Fey invented the 'Liberty Bell' slot machine back in 1895.
Charle’s Fey invented the ‘Liberty Bell’ slot machine back in 1895.

Soon after the popularity of the Liberty Bell, there was the “one armed bandit” slot machines that instead of being card symbols ended up as fruit symbols which you will be familiar with.  you would need to pull on a lever at the side to get things moving which is how it got its nickname.


By the 1960’s – electromechanical slot machines had arrived.  These allowed bigger bets to be placed and were RNG (random number generator) games – which meant that the reels would spin and a totally random spin will be produced.  This gave inventors much more scope to manipulate themes and pay out lines. 

Online and Mobile Slots

The 1990’s were definitely the decade of online slot games – and was the biggest advancement since the launch of the Liberty Bell.  They offer everything that land based casinos do in terms of slots and more.  There are countless themes and the graphics are incredible.   You will also find that there are many more advanced features and bonus rounds, and there was also the introduction of progressive jackpots which means that there will be a prize pot that will continue to increase until won by a player.  This can be randomly activated or as part of a feature.

Then came mobile slot games which means that slot fans can get their fix anywhere.  You can now deposit on mobile casino or bingo sites, claim bonuses, take part in promotions, and of course spin on some of your favourite slot games.  All of this can be done using their mobile optimised websites or by downloading an app. 

Slot Site Predictions for 2017

Although we haven’t even had our Christmas turkey yet, we are already thinking about what 2017 may bring us when it comes to slot sites.  In 2016 – we have seen this industry flourish, with more and more brands launching with the main focus being slots.  There are even networks dedicated to these kinds of games. Below are some predictions on what we think you can expect from next year.

Crystal Ball
Here at Slot-Machine.cc we’ve got our crystal ball out for you…

More Bingo Brands Launching Slot Sister Sites

There has already been a surge in bingo sites launching slot counterparts, and we are sure that this trend will take on a whole new level come 2017.  There is no doubt that there has been an increasing demand for operators to provide an increasing amount of slot machines on their sites which is why they have to partner with top software providers in order to boast impressive games portfolios.

More Slot Based Promotions

As slot sites are still a fairly new concept – the promotions aren’t yet as big and bold as what you would find on a bingo site.  They do often have cash back schemes, VIP clubs, the chance to win free spins etc, but we think that there will be more in the way of greater tangible prizes, bigger cash rewards and be more frequent in general.  Instead of being pretty standard, there will hopefully be more innovative ways to incorporate slot games into offers too.

Will there be Any More New Networks?

We have seen the launch of the Wheel of Slots network in recent times who have produced sites such as Lucky Wheel Bingo and Lucky Cow Bingo amongst others as well as the Jumpman Slots network who have produced the likes of Slot Shack which is home of many slot machines.  Could 2017 mean the launch of even more networks that are specifically dedicated to slot games?  We think so.  That way you will find a larger variety of sites where you can get your slot fix.  As these networks get larger, as will the promotions.

Paying by Mobile

There has also been a massive rise in players looking to pay by mobile through services such as BOKU.  This isn’t something that all bingo or casino sites offer, but will have to be something that new brands (including slots sites) look at to keep players interested as soon it will become a determining factor as to whether or not a player joins a site or not.

Let’s see if our predictions are accurate!

Making the Most of Slots on Online Bingo Sites

Slot machines have been around for many years, in fact the first mechanical slot machine created was called the Liberty Bell and was invented by a mechanic Charles Fay way back in 1895. They have come a long way since then and have since featured in pretty much every land based casino and bingo site that you will find due to their popularity.

The look and feel of the machines

Traditionally slot machines had 3 spinning reels and there were only 5 symbols.  This particular machine was so popular that it was duplicated by many other inventors.  Then one arm bandits were introduced which is where the familiar fruit symbols and BAR symbols and further developed on, however to avoid breaking any legislation – prizes were foods instead of cash. 

The first fully electronic slot was created in 1976 by a company Fortune Coin.  It was introduced at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas and was a hit after approval.

Useful hints for playing slot machines

Nowadays – you find video slot games all over bingo brands.  Some tips as to how to make the most of them are:

  • Check for bingo brands that offer a no deposit bonus or generous welcome bonus
  • Look for brands that host non-networked promotions for their unique spin on what slot offers to push
  • A bingo site with a good VIP scheme like Rocket Bingo, is fantastic for earning loyalty points simply by playing your favourite slot games
  • Check the wagering requirements and terms and conditions to see how much money you need to deposit/wager before you can withdraw your winnings.
  • Have a look at the games lobby before you make your deposits, as this will give you the full portfolio of slots that they have to offer

The mindset of players

For a long time, there was definitely some concern about slot games that can be played online, at sites such as Slot Machine.  Players thought that the sites could cheat them and take their money without any real prospect of winning, however there are some checks that you can make when it comes to bingo sites that will ensure that you are spinning on a secure online bingo site.  They will be licensed and regulated by a Gambling Commission, and you will also be able to see the RTP (return to player) on each game, so you can get an idea of how often the slot games pay out. 

Is there Room for Another Slots Site?

There are so many bingo, slots and casino sites out there, it begs the question “is there room for another”?  the very first slot machine was created in 1895 by Charles Fey who was a mechanic, and since then you can’t walk into a casino or visit a casino or bingo site without finding a slot game they are so popular. 

There is room for others but brands need to make sure that they are making that special effort to make their site stand out from the crowd.

Design of Slot Machines

The very first slot machine “The Liberty Bell” had only 3 reels and 5 symbols.  Once it was launched, it became so popular that it was recreated by other inventors.  Slot machines then developed through time to become the one armed bandits that you can still find in land based casinos (although more sophisticated in their design), where you would come across the fruit symbols, and BAR symbols that we have come to associate with slots.

Now there are a flurry of slot providers such as Net Ent, Microgaming, Eyecon, Next Gen and many others furnishing slots websites with some fantastic games.  The graphics and animations are fantastic, they often have bonus and advanced features – and huge winning potential.

Tips for Slot Machines

There definitely some tips you can take on board before spending your hard earned cash on slot games:

  • Try a site out that either has a no deposit bonus on offer, or that allows you to test the slot games out using demo mode.
  • Make sure you check the pay table when you launch the game so you know which symbols pay out what, and what bonus features you can expect.
  • Don’t bet too big if you are a slots novice, most slots will allow you to change the number of pay lines you can bet on or coin size.

Psychology of Players

Prior to the introduction of video slots, prizes were given away as food treats as opposed to cash – so as well as the development of the games themselves, the psychology has changed too.  Players now enjoy slot games not only for the pure entertainment value, but for the thrill and prospect of winning cash prizes.  The thought of winning a huge jackpot is an exciting prospect, but players do need to be careful not to go overboard and take advantage of the betting limits that responsible gaming sites have.